Hypnosis for Fears, Phobias & Unwanted Habits


  • Beginning the process.  Success in hypnosis first begins with the client wanting to be hypnotized and trusting the process and the hypnotist. Please take advantage of my offer for a free phone consultation to answer all of your questions. 

  • Fill out intake form. When a client of mine decides they want a session, their first step is to fill out the intake form which you receive via email. This begins to outline the possible causes on what needs to be released and what goals the client wants to accomplish with this challenge. Most of our challenges result from unresolved emotional issues or negative belief systems.

  • First half of a session. The session is three hours long. The first 1 ½ hrs of the session is conscious level discussion. Together we create a plan of what we want to release and what new behavior you, the client wants to program in the subconscious. You can almost think of the mind like a computer where you can take out and make peace with negative thoughts and behaviors and then program desired new thoughts and behaviors. The subconscious holds all of our emotions and habits. Hypnosis can tap into the inner mind and create new possibilities. The conscious mind is our analytical and critical factor which can be by passed using hypnosis.

  • Second half of a session. Then the second half of the session is the actual hypnosis. I demonstrate with a simple exercise of hypnosis to those that have never experienced it. In hypnosis, like meditation, the more often you do it the quicker and deeper you are, based on letting the conscious mind go and allowing the work to be done in the subconscious mind where your true self or your personal goals, dreams and desires live. Hypnosis is created through a series of relaxation techniques. The hypnotist is merely a guide for you to experience and acquire what you desire. I work with a series of Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to create shifts in the subconscious mind.

  • Audio recording. During the hypnosis part of the session I make a recording of whatever I say to my client.  After the session I send clients a copy of the recording, so they can re-hypnotize themselves. This allows them to be hypnotized and focus on the challenge at home, on their own. I suggest for the client to go to sleep with the recording for at least 21 days after the session.